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November 2015

I try to live my life by the motto “Live life with no regrets.” So this month (November), I have committed myself to striving for excellence. I have taken upon myself 2 challenges, Both of which are intimidating and difficult.

Day 2


Today was even harder than yesterday. Drama still exists, yet I am expected to carry on life and be productive. Well, it’s nearly 11pm, and I have yet to reach my 1,000 words for today.

I think my biggest fear right now is not knowing how to begin, which is kind of crazy. I already have 25K written. It’s not like I’m starting a brand new story. I’m just continuing.

But I’m afraid I’ll ruin the story that I have planned in my head. Don’t ask me how that logically works out, but I don’t want to write for this month, putting in endless hours and turning down activities with friends, only to go back and read it and find that it’s crap.

That’s one of my biggest faults when it comes to the writing process: I over analyze everything. I’m constantly trying to find a way to the make the story better that I don’t want to waste time writing something that I’m going to delete next week.

Anyone else feel the same?

~ Sarah