It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

MugHave you ever read a book that you couldn’t put down? You just had to read it until the very last page? Did you ever feel like this:

Dear [insert name of book],

I’m not quite sure how to begin this letter, and, quite frankly, I’m not sure I should be sending this to you. I’ve tried to tell you how I feel about our relationship for a while, but you have refused to listen. Please don’t hate me for what I have to say.

We’ve had a great time so far. I really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together. The joy at the end was refreshing after the roller coaster ride of emotions you took me on throughout our journey. You’ve made my heart race with yours. One moment, I was crying over your heartbreak. The next, I was relieved at the satisfaction you found in solving your problems.

Even if you didn’t give it to me, you knew everything I wanted. You knew everything I needed. That’s what made you great. You didn’t give me a weak, already-been-done-before adventure. You made me feel special. Like I was someone completely different. Like life had a purpose and a happy ending.

It’s not your fault. I have to move on. You can’t move forward with me, and I can’t continue to live in the past. No matter how much I want to revel in those pages of the past. I never meant to break you, but I can’t see you anymore.

There were many before you, and there will be many after you’re gone. I’m not one who stays for too long. You knew you would never be my last. I never kept that from you. I didn’t see a reason to lie to you.

We just spent too much time together. I spent every free moment in your presence. You went practically everywhere with me and didn’t leave my side. I know, that was mostly my fault. I couldn’t bear to be away for too long.

We may meet again later on, and it may be a joyful reunion. Or bittersweet. Or we may regret it. Either way, this is goodbye.

So, today, I must slide you back onto the dusty shelf and bid adieu to all the wonderful moments you’ve given me.

Thank you and farewell.

Your Faithful Reader


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